eee! success world

This is our global child & youth care initiative, geared towards raising, building, and securing an excellent child & youth for a better future. Here interested Affiliates including workers, business men and women, school owners – single or married, pick up any of our savings starter-pack Bundles, engage in our Yeee! Success World E-commerce (thrift and savings) investment platform, as to save, earn and secure their child’s or children’s education, for a better future.

All Yeee! Success World Affiliates enjoys:

  • Special Discounts on purchases/ payments for educational materials and services from I-Care World International including fee rebate in all our partner/ affiliate schools.
  • 150% savings investment bonus on any activated Starter-pack Bundle (SPB) after a minimum of 16 weeks, in 3:1 bundle – savings investment ratio. Bundle expires once Yeee! Bonus has been paid out.
    To “earn as you go”, you renew bundle plan.
  • Educational-Life plan aimed at temporarily or permanently protecting, providing and ensuring that the Affiliate “child-active”, completes their education to the level the child has been pre-qualified for, in the event of permanent disability or incapacitation, critical illness leading to death or death by natural causes or accident of the Yeee! Success world Affiliate.

Other Benefits include:

  • Access to I-Care’s Student Loan Scheme.
  • Access to Emergency School-Fees payment Fund.
  • Access to local and international partial and full scholarship programs, exchange programs, excursion
  • programs, Vacation classes, teacher trainings, Parents’ workshops, Schools’ staff trainings and workshops, free educational materials.
  • Access to register 3 – 5 participants in the yearly Project “School-pay” for a chance to win up to N1 000 000 Education Trust Fund.
  • Access to standard education in any of our partner or affiliate School of choice.
  • Access to Lifetrust-child development and training programs.
  • Access to capital investment funds, administration, resources, management and consultancy services to School business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • Access to numerous skills acquisition and empowerment programs, schemes and initiatives.