workshop and training

Our Strategic workshop and training platforms enables us encourage a continuous learning consciousness while
developing, training, equipping and enhancing teachers, parents, school owners in our program with relevant skills,
abilities and orientation for Consistent Self Development, Talent Development, Entrepreneurship, Skills acquisition,
Self-reliance, Innovation, Creativity, Invention etc.

Lifetrust “Parents’ Summit”
To sensitize Parents, Guardians, Care-Givers, Singles, Married etc. on the need to:

  • Placing immeasurable value at proper education of their young ones,
  • Plan for the security their child’s educational future,
  • Expose their young ones to opportunities for participation, recognition, trainings, competitions, studies,
    development, career, scholarships, business, etc. locally and internationally.
  • As well as strategically help parents whose socio-economic status can barely afford proper education for
    their young ones increase their earnings and access opportunities from I-Care World Integrated to enhance
    their child’s/ children’s quality of Education.

Lifetrust “Schools’ Summit”

To sensitize owners of private schools & government schools, principals, head teachers, teachers, school
workers/ staff on the need to:

  • Upgrade their educational services, infrastructure and facility to global education standards, as to get our
    children well equipped, furnished and prepared to function effectively in the world they are living in and
    future they will meet.
  • Discover, excavate and synthesize the God-given talents of every child in school, as well as equipping them
    with relevant skills to harness, explore and develop themselves into total beings, sufficient, furnished and
    prepared for their world, as the only way to make education complete and help the young ones be relevant
    to their world.
  • To help every school owner see the need for their education to be narrowed to entrepreneurship – career
    path, for sustainable growth and development, i.e. Education that translates to business development – job
    creation not job-seeking