yeee! lifetrust project pay

Membership and Participation of a Child-Participant in the Lifetrust program, which runs from early childhood school years to college school years, qualifies the Child-Active participant to apply for our an Education Aid Trust-Fund, (which varies amongst participants, subject to pre-qualification terms) through the Lifetrust Project
“School-Pay” platform.

Project “School-Pay”, a convenient, entertaining, competitive, educative and interactive platform, is aimed at helping Affiliate parents/ guardians and non-affiliates (sponsored by affiliate partners), access I-CARE’S EDUCATION TRUST-FUND (EDU-AID TRUST) up to N110 000 000 (One Hundred and Ten Million Naira) Yearly, which is given to a total of 224 participants between N250 000 & N1 000 000, plus lots of other gift items, as well as crown the overall winner our “I-CARE WORLD Ambassador” with a THREE MILLION NAIRA (N3 000 000) one-year signed contract, and other exciting gifts.