lifetrust child development program

This is our unique and strategically designed structure for consistent self development, talent development, creativity, invention, innovation, skills acquisition and entrepreneurship.

Here, we develop in our child participants, strong sense of morals, values, character, social mindedness, self reliance, sufficiency, excellence, reading and study culture, inquisitiveness towards learning, diligence to work and duty etc., that will help them during schooling years and in life generally.

Through our carefully developed psycho-interactive, educative, practical, experimental, intra-curricular and extracurricular programs, classes and activities, we help our child participants develop abilities, skills, strong intellectual prowess for physical, mental, social, psychological, emotional, spiritual growth and consistent self development towards influence, excellence and success in life. Our well designed broad categories of classes, activities and programs has been designed for this.

Our trained and experienced professional tutors, instructors, psychologists, counselors, attendants and other staff, all bring together their skills, abilities, trainings and experience towards moulding and building every Lifetrust child participant in the program.

Parent participants are also carried along every step of the way to ensure that every opportunity at the child participant’s disposal during growing up – schooling years is fully harnessed.

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