eee! success world

Yeee! Success World

This is our global child & youth care initiative, geared towards raising, building, and securing an excellent child & youth […]

yeee! success program

Yeee! Success Program

This is our entrepreneurship internship program, aimed at training and equipping young visionary entrepreneurs, with exceptional business plan/ idea, with […]

yeee! lifetrust project pay

Lifetrust Project “School-Pay”

Membership and Participation of a Child-Participant in the Lifetrust program, which runs from early childhood school years to college school […]

workshop and training

Workshops & Training

Our Strategic workshop and training platforms enables us encourage a continuous learning consciousness while developing, training, equipping and enhancing teachers, […]

international standard education

International Standard Education

I-CARE’S Lifetrust program, ensures that her child participants, enjoys high quality International standard education during their school years in the […]

lifetrust child development program

Lifetrust Child Development Program

This is our unique and strategically designed structure for consistent self development, talent development, creativity, invention, innovation, skills acquisition and […]

Exceptional child training

Exceptional Child Training Program

This is a purely interactive, practical and experimental program with hands-on teaching and learning methodology, where we interact with, tutor […]