Our Belief

According to Erasmus, who believes that “the main hope of a Nation lies in the proper education of its youth”, we believe
at I-CARE WORLD INTERNATIONAL that “a nation’s consistent growth and development lies in her educational system”.

Our Vision

To influence and re-direct Africa’s Educational system towards building and encouraging sustainable growth and development,
while modeling young people who will be exceptional, excellent and influential in every sphere of dominance they are found.

Our Aim

-To provide entrepreneurship skills acquisition trainings, capital investment fund, administration, resource management and consultancy, to young visionary entrepreneurs with exceptional business plans for job creation, employment and economic growth.
-To ensure that at any point in time, No child drops out of school or stays out of school on account of:
The parent not being able to pay child’s school fees as at when due.
The parent not being able to enroll child into school as at when due.
The parent not being able to pay child’s fees as a result of permanent disability, critical illness leading to death or death by natural causes or accident
-To ensure that every child will access and enjoy good Education at all levels of learning.
-To ensure that Educational service providers provide International standard education consistent with global education reforms and characteristics